Autism Behavior Therapy

Autism Behavior Therapy

Children with Autism have the potential to learn, but they require teaching methods that are optimized for their needs. The most effective teaching methods available today for people on the autism spectrum have been developed within the science of ABA.Applied behavior analysis is the most researched intervention of autism. It is highly structured, scientific approach that teaches play, communication, and self-care, academic, and social living skills.There are a number of recent studies which confirm that applied behavior techniques are important for building life skills in teenagers and adults who have autism.It can also help children learn to replace the difficult behavior with more appropriate behavior, like using words to ask for an object rather than screaming. For example, the skills children learn might include using words and language, following instructions, taking turns, playing with others, toileting and dressing.At Therapeutic Alliance we provide support programs for children to learn necessary skills to be successful in home, school, and community and for adults to transition successfully into independent living and employment.Contemporary ABA programs emphasize positive reinforcement and include concern for the quality of relationship and social interaction.Therapeutic Alliance employs a spectrum of well-researched methods and programs that have their origins in ABA. Originally focused on speech acquisition, cognitive development, and behavior problems, various ABA programs and methods now incorporate concern for the ~quality of the relationship, social skills, leisure skills and other dimensions of the child’s life.

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