Open the Window and let the light enter


If someone has been a victim of violence, group conflicts, loss or abuse, the core experience is trauma. The sufferings one goes through surely leads to stress and trauma. These events leave deep scars on our soul, which continues to bleed for a lifetime.
Life seems to be stuffed with darkness and one finds the survival difficult. The victims always question themselves that why this has happened to them only and what they did to invite this misery. However, this can change if we adopt a spiritual attitude.
When things get difficult in adult life, the neural wiring developed from a love-filled childhood leads to increased emotional resilience in adult life. Conversely, those who grow up in an environment where loving care is unstable or absent are less likely to be resilient in the face of emotional distress.
If we can manage to be receptive to divine light despite being in a devastated state, the light will enter our being and resurrect us. Not only will it heal us, it will also transform us into an evolved being who has an unshakable faith in the Divine, and is prepared to take on challenges of life. One must be patient and never give up. If one can keep the faith and call intensely and repeatedly, the prayers will be heard.
Reaching out to and helping people who are suffering, heals us vicariously and gives a sense that we are not alone and singled out for misery. We need to constantly remind ourselves that there is so much more to our existence than just being helpless victims. Even in darkness, there is always a ray of hope; all we need to do is just open the window and let the light enter.

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